Gallerie of Gems

Gallerie of Gems


An irresistible spectrum

Gallerie of Gems

Aunt Winnie-belle & Uncle George Lacy instilled my passion for rocks when I was a youngster. Though I didn’t care at the time, he was one of 3 men who carried granite on the backs of Burros to Austin Texas to build its marvelous Capital building. Not long after, I began travelling the globe, as my mom worked for Pan American Airlines and my father was an aeronautical engineer, in pursuit of gems straight from the mines. Travelling from Sri Lanka to Thailand, India, Africa to South America, Hong Kong, China, Israel and the Tucson show every year gems were my thing. My company, The Gemologist specialized in investment grade gemstones where we sold gems that we knew would go up in value due to their scarcity. People made lots of money with us. After being in the gem business for many years I had children, one of which was diagnosed with autism and one with neurodiversity. My attention diverted into this other autism world where I focused on a different kind of gem. My children, so I let go of my gem business. Now on very special occasions, we offer gems that are hand selected for the right value with the right clarity, color, cut and carat weight, similar to the diamond grading system, except with colored gemstones in mind. The reason we are doing this is to raise money for autism charities in which the majority of the proceeds are given to non-profits from every sale. The gems are sold at very reasonable prices to you with the decades of expertise I have.

Karen Simmons

Karen Simmons, Graduate Gemologist, Prestigious Gemological Institute of America since 1976, Author Perfectly Clear, Buying Diamonds for Pleasure & Profit and other titles In the trade for over 48 years, every aspect, from mining to retail.

Precious Gemstones

Diamonds from Canada
We have historically known precious gemstones to be the big four. That is, ruby, sapphire, diamond and emerald. Recently, it is not the type of gem that makes it precious, rather, the quality and rarity of a particular gem and what it means to the individual that determines whether it is precious or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Competitively priced, straight from the source, the highest quality ensures customer satisfaction.




Semi-Precious Gemstones

Typically, semi-precious refers to gems that are more common and therefore less valuable than their precious counterpart. Gems like tourmaline, tsavorite, tanzanite, paraibas are all family members. Beautiful, high-quality gems to enjoy for every occasion. The prices are amazing as the stones are sources directly.






Like commodity, gems are no different. The closer you get to the source, the better the price and the relationship to the source is of greater value. You know you are getting the real thing. True quality comes straight out of the mines so ensure you connecting directly to the origin of the gems source from around the world. For example our sources are in Madagascar, Africa, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Myanmar, Columbia, Thailand, India, Tanzania and Zambia.

Manufacturing & Innovation

Maximum brilliance and yield of the gemstones is ensured through our efficient and effective cutting, polishing and finishing stages to bring the best value to our customers. We have digital production lines so that we can make sure each gemstone is treated with love and attention.

Efficient Distribution Network

Join us during our special showing so you can pick up a gem at an exceptional price and also give to the Autism Today Foundation charity. Know that you are helping a great cause at the same time.

Ronald Caissie
Executive Manager